Medeley from the "Song of the Songs"

Into the garden of nut tree
Medeley from the "Song of the Songs"

Music: S.Levi Tanai
I went down into the nut tree grove,
To look at the green plants of the valley,
To see wether the vine budded,
And the pomegranates were in flower.
Come, my beloved, let us go forth into the field.
Let us lodge in the villages.
Let us go early up to the vineyards.
Let us see wether the vine has budded,
Its blossom is open,
And the pomegranatees be in flower.
Wither is thy beloved gone

Music: Gil Aldema
Wither is thy beloved gone, O thou
fairest among woman?
Wither hath thy beloved turned him,
that we may seek him with thee?