Sabbath in the village

Sabbath in the village (Shabbat Bak'far)
Lyrics & Music: Matityahu Shelem

Shadows lengthen on the hillsides,
The days of the week have passed and gone.
Far, far away lights flicker on,
How lovely the Sabbath stars, how splendid!

Sabbath, a day of rest, in the blessed land.
Sabbath rest!
The village on the Sabbath is dressed in majesty.

A serene silence in the furrows, in the field.
The plow is still, and rests.
In the garden, in the grove, a song wanders,
A Sabbath melody sent to the heavens.


Ah, how pleasing, the Sabbath rest–
At the entrance to the village on guard duty,
The Lord is ours, blessed Sabbath,
A gift forever, a gift of splendor.


Translated by Gabriel Levin