Ho, tell us, pure soul

Ho, tell us, pure soul (Sapari tamma)
Original text: Se’adia Ben Amram
Music: Traditional Yemenite melody
This is, supposedly, an old courtship love song of pure intention, that Jewish Yemenite men used to sing (women’s songs were of a different nature). The lover calls the girl Tamma, –innocent one–and asks her to tell him about herself. "Where do you live, oh wise princess, tell me!" And the girl answers: "I have a garret in the palace, oh Se'adia", (a common Yemenite name, however, here, it might have another meaning, namely, "help me, God"). "In the heart of a ship I wear my mantle of beauty, but I am so lonely and sad".

To many people this simple love song serves as an allegory to the relationship between God and his believers.