The rose blossoms

La rosa enflorece/ Traditional Sephardic Romance

La rosa enflorece,
En el mez de may,
Mi alma s’escurece,
Sin poder havlar.

Los bilbilicos cantan,
Sospiran del amor,
Y la pasión me mata,
Muchigua mi dolor.

Măs presto ven palomba,
Măs presto ven a mi,
Măs presto tu mi alma,
Que yo me vo morir.

The rose blossoms
In the month of May
My soul is a flame
And I am dumbstruck.

The nightingales sings,
Sighing with misery,
Passion is slaying me,
Adding to my agony.

Come quickly Oh dove
Come quickly to me
Come quickly my love
For I am dying